Web Design


Project Overview


The JMURJ site content had not been updated since 2014 and the hero banners on the main homepage were badly designed.


Add new written and design content and update the navigation.


Site Hierarchy
Hero Banners
Add Graphics
Reposition written content
Build blocks and pages
View Website

Preparation & Page Creation

I started this redesign by creating a site map and met with the editorial board to make any further changes. The Cascade content management system uses a file folder hierarchy, which can be seen on the left hand side. I was tasked with creating these folders, renaming old pages, creating new ones, and updating the urls when necessary.

Branded Hero Banner Creation

The home page of the redesigned JMURJ website needed new carousel banners. The old home page used to have no content on it at all. It consisted of old carousel banners and a Facebook overview widget. 

Website Redesign

The design colors of the website are based on the branding colors of James Madison University along with an incorporated turquoise color. All three of these colors are what make up JMURJ Volume 6!


The JMURJ site content was outdated and was not aesthetically pleasing. The information on the pages didn’t make sense and the hero banners on the main homepage were badly designed, not to mention they hadn’t been updated since 2014.

As head of Marketing and Design, I felt compelled to give this website an update. The redesign included making the five hero banners for the homepage carousel, adding pictures to the site, creating buttons and the header bars, and repositioning the content. The real challenge about this project was teaching myself how to create pages and content blocks in the Cascade content management system. With some practice and self-teaching, I learned how to create content blocks and apply them to the pages.