Web Design


Project Overview


The member discounts page needed a new look as it wasn’t visually appealing or user-friendly.


Create and build a more user-friendly and visually appealing page.


Hero banner redesign
Flip card layout
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Page Redesign

I worked with my two coworkers from the marketing team to come up with a more user-friendly and visually appealing design for the page as around 5,000 people view the page every 3 months. After brainstorming the layout and color scheme, I moved to coding the site in a text-editor. Once coded, I moved the code to a DNN tab plugin and adjusted the code from there. I also designed the hero banner and testimonial banner for the top of the page and inserted a carousel. My coworkers and I met a few times after to make refinements to the page before releasing it live.

Page Comparison

A side by side comparison of both member discounts pages.

Before the Redesign

After the Redesign