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Project Overview


Students in grades K-12 are unsure of how to connect with future employers to learn about the workforce and the future opportunities that they present.


Create a full functioning system for employers to connect with K-12 students.


Site Hierarchy
Brand Development
User Research Report
Full Functioning System
Final System Walk-though
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A User Research Report was conducted and created by my partner and I before coding out the system.

Brand Development

Login Landing Page

The login page is the initial landing page for the Next Step Go system. The user is immediately prompted to login. If the user does not already have an account, they can select the register button in the top right-hand corner.

A video highlighting the login landing page.

Postings Page

The postings page is where system users will be able to add opportunities they would like students to see. Opportunities include job postings, learning opportunities, or scholarships which are labeled by a colored bar in the bottom left corner of the card. A user can add a post or filter the cards on the right.

A video highlighting the features of the postings page.

Applications Page

The applications page is where users of the system can view all applications submitted by students. The sort feature located at the top filters the applications depending on the category selected. The timeline located underneath displays how many applicants are in what stage of the review process. New applications displayed on the left can be viewed by selecting the eye icon. Once reviewed, the application is moved over to the reviewed applications section on the right side. Selecting the ribbon icon on the right side on a reviewed application activates three call to actions: schedule an interview, extend an offer, or archive.

A video highlighting the features of the applications page.

System Walkthrough

I created a Final System Walkthrough of our final product using screenshots from the C#/Bootstrap files.


Next Step Go is a full-functioning system created for our client, Cued-In, for my final capstone class. The purpose of the portal is to help connect employers and businesses with prospective K-12 students in local and regional school systems. The site provides integral networking opportunities that currently do not exist in the market today and serves as an integration between students and businesses.