Web Design


Project Overview


Create a user-friendly, branded website with high quality content to establish Ntrepid as a thought leader.

Project Included

Redesign Goals
User Flow and Happy Path Diagrams
Website Hierarchy
Production Timeline
Website Copywriting
Low Fidelity Prototype
High Fidelity Prototype
User Testing
Website Build

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Project Management

As the project manager, designer, and builder, I split each part up into four phases:





I created a stoplight chart and web production timeline to show start dates, end dates, overdue dates, and obstacles that might occur during the process of the project.

Stoplight Chart
Web Production Timeline
Website Hierarchy

The hierarchy was determined from data analysis and discussion with the marketing team in addition to leadership.


Low-Fidelity Prototype

The content writers on the marketing team created the written content for the site. Once the content was written for each of the webpages, I developed a low-fidelity prototype.

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Website Branding Development
Website Branding Guide

Amidst moving to the high fidelity prototype, I established patterns for each of our products and created a website branding guide to follow, which contained typography styles, background colors, and buttons.

Branded Hero Image Creation

I designed 40 hero banners for each of the pages and delegated tasks to the marketing team to help with the collection process of images.

High-Fidelity Prototype

After the low-fidelity prototype was proofed and approved by both the marketing team and leadership, I designed a high fidelity prototype, which included all of these design elements: hero banners, icons, images, and background patterns.

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I was elated to have been given the opportunity to conduct this year long project and was excited to use all of my skills, ux/ui, graphic, and interactive design, to produce this website. The build consisted of installing Wordpress on a local environment, purchasing a theme, using a combination of css, jquery, and bootstrap to develop the site, moving the site over to a staging environment, and lastly, deploying the site.