Web Design & Development

Ntrepid provides a suite of solutions for government agencies to manage your online identity. Ntrepid’s cutting-edge technology empowers a wide range of missions conducted by the national security community to carry out online operations.

Defining the Structure

Information Architecture

The project started by outlining the target points, goals, and user initiatives. Project requirements were defined based on research and analysis of importance. From there, the information architecture for the site was established. As the project manager, designer, and builder, I implemented a full rebranding for Ntrepid and styled the website accordingly. The brand needed to communicate a luxurious and strong vibe and establish a more credible online presence.


Product Pattern Development

I created patterns for each of our products to help streamline product design consistency. The creation of the pattern elements were based on the product’s individual function and how it helps achieve each mission’s goals. The website branding guide created contained typography styles, background colors, and buttons to help guide the site visualization.


Serving the National Security Community

The Ntrepid web transformation, through collaboration, has evolved the initiative to improve online communication about our solutions, the missions we serve, what it means to be an Ntrepidite, and why we do what we do for the industry. The amount of clicks have been minimized and user’s can find what they are searching for through the navigation or search bar feature.

Mobile Responsiveness

Trusted Solutions at Your Fingertips

The website implementation on a Wordpress CMS provided a place for content containment. The responsive platform provides a seamless experience and user’s can now find what they are looking for more easily than before.

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