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With every session, Sydney plans for her clients to have the best day ever. Each session captures those captivating, in the moment photos that are worth a thousand words and last a lifetime. She strives for adventure and cultivates those memorable experiences for others through endless photoshoot possibilities.

Branding Refresh

Where the Adventure Begins

Before our initial meeting for her brand, I had Sydney create a mood board on Pinterest. Sydney’s vision targeted carefree, in the moment, outdoorsy, nature enthusiasts. She communicated that she loved to explore and her heart belonged in the Shenandoah Valley. Cultivating a brand that represents your vision is a great way to gain trust with your potential client and I often like to think of branding as an extension of yourself.


An Emerging Experience

Sydney’s rebranded website was created to attract her ideal client and convert potential clients to paying customers. The main focus centered around her stunning pictures and moves to highlighting the excitement behind the Sydney Kane Photography experience. Hero banners located at the top of each page consisted of horizontal image carousels and the vertical three picture layout format, which can be seen in the iPad on the right. The rotation of black and white photos mixed in with colored shots gave more depth to the brand.


A Dream Come to Reality

This Shenandoah Adventure Photographer has so much to look forward to in the years to come. Her brand new website outlines each of her adventure packages all while learning so much about her and her coinciding brand. Sydney’s featured spotlights seen towards the bottom of the homepage establishes her credibility as a photographer and to stay in the social media loop, a customized instagram feed that automatically populates her most recent posts can be found at the bottom of every page.

Sized For All Devices

Presentation is Key

Sydney’s previous google analytics data showed that half her visitor sessions were carried out on mobile devices. Before, she was losing potential clients because her old website was not mobile friendly and could only be accessed from the desktop. The high amount of traffic from mobile search results indicated how critical it was for the website to be mobile responsive. Since many people spend hours browsing their phones every day, it made sense that potential clients would use search engines to search for photographer’s in the area for quick browsing.

Parallax Images

Component Highlights

Decisions to use parallax images on each page were made to highlight those eye catching photos. Sprinkled throughout the site while scrolling, this design decision ultimately was made to give potential clients that “wow” factor.

Post Galleries

Component Highlights

On each page, the most recent blog post galleries are auto populated from designated tags assigned to the posts. This is to allow potential clients to see a full gallery of photos on what they would receive if they purchased that experience and to showcase Sydney’s most recent work without her having to manually add it in every time.

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